Due to the shut-down of campus and shelter-in-place, CHAOS is suspending all gear shed hours (see “Calendar” for more information regarding gear returns). We also discourage members from attending the weekly meetings at La Val’s. Please do your part in flattening the curve by hiking 6 feet apart from others, and washing your hands! You can still sign up for a $10 lifetime membership, and our email list will continue to operate during the shutdown.

Cal Hiking and Outdoors Society

UC Berkeley’s oldest and coolest club for the adventurer in you.
We’ve been a community of hikers, backpackers, climbers, and lovers of nature since 1870. Our goal is to have fun.

What is CHAOS?


The rad people in the club

Make new friends, learn valuable outdoor skills, and create life long memories with the over 1850 members in the club. 

Come to our weekly meetings that happen every Wednesday at 7:30pm in the La Val’s Courtyard.

Gear Shed

We got you covered

We know gear is expensive – that’s why we provide you with gear rentals for your next trip. Our gear shed has a ton of stuff and the best part – it’s free. 

Find out more about it here.
Find a gear shed hour that works for you here.

Cool Trips

The Email List

The email list is the place where you can find trips of all experience levels, advice for any activity, and find people to get outside with.

Find out how to join our mailing list here

Come to our weekly meetings!

Every Wednesday at 7:30 you can find us in the courtyard of La Val’s on Northside.

Meet cool people and talk about outdoorsy stuff!


  • Isn’t the new website cool? We want your photos featured on it to make it even cooler! If you have awesome trip photos send them to us!
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